Technology Transfer

Welcome to Technology Transfer at The University of Toledo

In support of the University of Toledo’s mission, the Technology Transfer team is committed to helping your technology or concept become a product on the market that will ?improve the human condition ?The greatest benefit of technology transfer is the satisfaction of seeing your ideas improve the lives of the people around you.

Our vision:

Maximize the conversion of university research, scholarship and creative activity into public use in order to improve the human condition.

Our mission:

  1. Support the University of Toledo’s mission to improve the human condition;?
  2. Provide accessible, responsive, competent, timely, and professional patenting and licensing services to UT’s faculty, staff, and students;?
  3. Serve as an efficient and effective conduit for licensing promising UT technologies to industry to?promote their entry into the commercial marketplace while:
    • Attracting and retaining the highest quality faculty and students
    • Increasing and expanding UT’s research enterprise
    • Creating and reinforcing commercial relationships
    • Generating institutional acclaim and recognition, and
    • Providing an additional revenue stream
  1. Support and encourage local economic development by licensing locally; licensing to start-up companies; and encouraging and supporting faculty start-up activities and favoring licenses to those start-up?companies; and
  2. Serve as a resource for information about patents and licensing and encourage recognition that such matters have become meaningful and?valuable aspects of academic life and education; and
  3. Facilitate greater integration and increased sponsored research activity between academia and industry to improve?the flow of innovative?university technologies to the public marketplace.


If you have a new idea or discovery that may be the basis for a new invention, review the commercialization process to get started.

To protect your intellectual property, please keep the following in mind:

  1. Keep asking yourself if your?research results are patentable (i.e. novel, non-obvious, and useful).
  2. Report any potentially?patentable inventions or results to a representative in the Technology?Transfer Office by completing an Invention Disclosure Form found in the?link at the left side of the page.
  3. Be careful not to disclose your?new invention to anyone outside The University of Toledo before a confidential?disclosure agreement is in place or a patent application is filed.? Please contact the Technology Transfer?Office before disclosing your invention via poster presentation,?publication, or any other method of communication (including social media) so that we can advise?you of the appropriate protection for your technology.

See the Publish or Perish link for more details.

  1. Be sure to complete a Material?Transfer Agreement before sending research materials to other institutions?or receiving research materials from outside The University of Toledo.

See the NIH Policy on Obtaining and Disseminating Biomedical and NIH Policy on Model Organisms for Biomedical Research for more information.

  1. Contact the Technology Transfer Office at any time if you have questions about patenting, transferring materials,?confidentiality agreements, or any other intellectual property matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: 10/15/20